Industrial corrosion treatment is a core SRS service and an important maintenance issue for our client’s assets.

Timely and cost effective corrosion maintenance can minimize the overall cost of asset ownership, and reduce or avoid asset failure risk due to loss of structural integrity and failure of function in operation.

Corrosion may be costing the Australian economy more than $30 billion each year, much of which is preventable.


SRS Abrasive Blasting prior to protective coating application

The SRS abrasive system consistently produces surfaces cleaned in compliance with AS1627. We produce and measure surface profiling to meet the specifications of protective coating systems. SRS profiling services are suitable prior to protective coating application

The SRS System

Our patented Wet (Slurry) system is a safe, low pressure mixture of water and minerals that suppresses dust and contaminants.

This has the dual advantage of lowering blasting media breakdown and also prevents impregnation of foreign materials into the surface.

The presence of water between the abrasive media and the substrate being processed creates a lubricating cushion that protects the surface from excessive damage. The water becomes a vapor which absorbs the dust particulates, and is considered the most environmentally acceptable form of surface removal. Our blasting system is superior to sandblasting-only or soda-blasting due to better surface protection and longer lasting results.

Innovative Profiling Technology

SRS has researched and employed other advanced abrasive systems capable of producing a profile, while reducing blast media. These are capable of leaving an extremely clean surface free of soluble salts and chloride contamination from the blast media or dust clinging to the surface. Talk to our team for more information.


PCCP Accredited Painting Contractors – Classes 3,4,5 & 6

SRS system prepares industrial surfaces so we can immediately begin applying protective coatings.

Because the SRS system cleans surfaces so cleanly, we can immediately begin multiple coat protective coating applications without significant downtime. The SRS system has reduced job time and reduced costs.

Our work teams are fully trained and experienced in the application of industrial protective coatings under a wide variety of industrial conditions:

  • Airless spray application
  • Conventional
  • Brush or roller manual application

Our experience with Application of Protective Coatings:

  • SAUNDERS Park Fuels Tanks (Petrochemical Tanks) Kooragang Island
  • BORAL  Berrima Colliery (Delta SBD) Pit Access Bridge
  • BlueScope Steel – Various Bridges
  • Vale Mines Singleton – CHHP Washery
  • Many more!

We apply industrial protective coatings including Dulux and International brands.

Dulux Trade and Research Relationship:

SRS maintains a special trade and research relationship with Dulux Protective Coatings technical team to optimize the coating specifications to achieve excellent performance and adhesion results. As part of this technical relationship we have had our Surface Preparation system tested for soluble salt and chloride removal by an independent technical consultant, and the results show the SRS surface preparation system removes soluble salts and chlorides