In concrete profiling and detailing, the most important characteristic for applying a coating or over-lay is the texture or “profile” of the concrete.

The profile of large or difficult concrete surfaces can be prepared through abrasive blasting and mechanical techniques and this will ensure the coating is bonded correctly.

Concrete coatings for Industrial or Commercial applications

Concrete Preparation

Concrete is often one of the largest components of any construction project. For different businesses such as mining operations, manufacturing plants, schools and hospitals – each location has unique requirements and presents long term maintenance and safety issues. SRS are experts in the preparation of concrete for various projects scopes; from basic concrete etching to full paint systems, we can deliver you a finished product that is custom designed for your specific project.

Concrete/Stone Profiling 

SRS utilize various methodologies to prepare concrete and stone in all environments including industrial building, schools, hospitals. SRS can achieve varying levels of perforation and ‘roughness’. Light eching can create areas such as a non-slip surface. A full depth blast will remove existing coatings or exposes aggregate for aesthetic value, such a decorative patterns.

SRS can remove and repair high-build epoxy and complete concrete repairs on acid bunds and water treatment facilities and manufacturing plants to extend the serviceable life of concrete assets.

Concrete Coating

SRS is an experienced applicator of concrete protection coatings and can plan and develop systems and methodologies to achieve long term protection. Basic water based penetrating sealer will protect non-slip surfaces.Ultra high-build acid resistant coatings are appropriate for harsh environments such as in mining and manufacturing facilities.

Non-Slip Surfaces – Shopping Centres and Schools

In commercial spaces such as shopping centres to schools, SRS creates safe slip free area Australian Industry Standards. These surfaces meet Building and Construction industry requirements.